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Being discovered to work in the film and fashion industry can produce both the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. New models and rookie actors will encounter praise and applause as well as criticism and rejection.


Therefore, it is necessary for a contestant to first discover themselves before entering the highly competitive arena of professional auditions. New faces and new talent must be confident in their purpose and self assured in their passion to ensure the ups and downs along the adventure to their dream. Contestants who know who they are do not waiver in their pursuit of their desires. Contestants who are self confident in themselves have the courage to stand strong against all adversity.


In contrast, new models and actors who

enter the film and fashion industry not knowing who they are develop excessive shyness and extreme timidity which will hinder their ability to project the confidence to win and the countenance to shine. Contestants who are unsure of their inner strength end up doubting their potential and giving in to the fear of rejection and the fear of failure.


The discovery of healthy self confidence and high self esteem will empower our contestants to rise above the challenges both on and off the runway. The somber reality of today’s culture, from bullies at school to mean tweets on social media can overwhelm weak personalities and insecure egos, leading to discouragement and depression. Negative peer pressure and popularity pyramids have contributed to a low self esteem epidemic that has led to eating disorders like anorexia and obesity and social dysfunction which leads to drug addiction and alcohol abuse.


Our goal and intention is to encourage our contestants to look past their physical reflection in the mirror to discover the part of them that is beyond what they see in the looking glass. By discovering their inner beauty, which is their true identity, Contestants boost their self confidence to achieve their best potential and accomplish their heart’s desire.


The era of the tall, skinny super model is over. Queen Latifa and Ellen Degeneras are now both Cover Girl models proving, once and for all, that the industry has evolved to include all shapes and sizes no matter what age or what height. The new faces and new talent that discover their true value and real worth will uncover the courage to stand up for who they are... they will develop the poise and personality to reveal their authentic self to their family and their friends... and most importantly, they will unleash their passion and their power to project their potential to the world.